Greetings friends!

I welcome and appreciate your engagement and feedback about my new website featuring my new career focus as an executive conflict coach as well as for my book, Getting Unstuck, Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong.

I’m eager to share more exciting news! I have created a Getting Unstuck Reader Group on Facebook to provide a gathering place for like-minded people, ready and willing to continue their journey using the wisdom, lessons and skills in the book.

Since action is key to meaningful change, engaging with others on a similar journey, the Reader Group provides opportunity for companionship, perspective and wisdom. Trust develops when we are available to be open and authentic with ourselves and one another to share and learn from our challenges and insights.

More good news! I have created “Dig Deeper,” a Getting Unstuck Workbook, as a download available on Amazon for readers reluctant to write in their books. The best way to make things different is to do something different. Writing about what we think and feel helps us gain perspective, wisdom and motivation to change. The journey will be more powerful when we engage with and learn with others.

Anyone who keeps doing the same thing that doesn’t work can get help to change. Anyone ready and willing to create a different future can find a teacher or support and companionship since none of us wants to remain stagnant or stuck for long.

The purpose of Getting Unstuck is to offer hope for the possibility of change; that staying stuck is not necessary. To inspire each reader to discover their own unique story. To help each reader acknowledge and understand what’s working in their lives and what’s not. To provide a few lessons and skills that work. Finally, to recognize that experiencing the joy of finishing strong requires willingness and action!

I’m considering the formation of in-person reader groups to “Dig Deeper” into the essential life lessons. If you are interested in a Westlake Village or online group. Please be in touch.

As always, thank you for your continued encouragement of, and engagement with, my work.

Warm regards,