Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High

I do not exaggerate when I say, this is a breakthrough book! Crucial Conversations is the result of 25 years of work by four expert consultants, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler, who have achieved significant measurable results with clients in hundreds of organizations.

High stakes conversations, where emotional safety is at risk, often get avoided and/or escalate. Crucial Conversations offers invaluable tools that can be applied immediately throughout both professional and personal life. The writers describe and illustrate how honest dialogue between individuals promotes trust, learning, connection and growth. You will learn how to create a safe space for almost any conversation and the importance of mutual purpose and respect will become crystal clear.

By learning how to take charge of your own emotions, you will learn how to gain control of difficult conversations. These authors provide skills and examples to illuminate frequent kinds of sticking points and give the reader a path to having healthy constructive conversations. Communication on this level both solves problems while enhancing relationships.

Crucial Conversations also provides a dialogue model and preparation tool. As a grand finale, the authors give advice for tough cases in the chapter, “Yeah, But.” By turning these ideas into habits, you can actually change your life! What are you waiting for? Read and re-read this book and will gain confidence and feel more comfortable about having your own crucial conversations.