In her fifth inspiring and instructive book, I Thought We’d Never Speak Again, Laura Davis has written with compassion and clarity, providing hope and help for individuals troubled by fractured and compromised relationships.

Compelling first-person accounts of people who have reconciled under a variety of challenging circumstances chronicle the suffering and losses that keep us isolated from one another.

Davis’ sensitivity and gentle humor give us the courage to confront the fears that keep us from exploring the complexities of shattered relationships.

In this excellent book, Davis illuminates the possibilities for us to let go of pain, bitterness and even hatred. She gives us hope that reconciliation or forgiveness is within reach, despite painful and destructive relationships. Before you give up on someone, read this book! Learn the critical difference between reconciliation and forgiveness. Dare to imagine how to forgive when you can’t forget. Davis shows us how.

An excellent place to start your own journey is with Davis’ self-assessment questionnaire entitled, “Are You Ready for Reconciliation?”

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