Chapter Six


Start with the End in Mind.

Identify the values and character traits that are most important to you, and clarify why. Stay committed. Keep the main thing the main thing. How you behave and the choices you make will be based on this framework of values and priorities.


How Do Issues of Focus Influence You Today?

Strengthening Focus

Have a purpose that’s worth your commitment. Make wise choices about how to invest your time, talent, resources, and energy. Don’t get caught up thinking about how to do something before you decide exactly what you want to have happen and why it’s important.


How do I get unstuck? By learning new skills! When it comes to focus, consider mastering these: Take baby steps. Follow through. Learn from mistakes. Solve problems.

Getting Unstuck contains step-by-step, how-to details of these and many other skills. If you’re really stuck, perhaps I can help!


“If you don’t know where you’re going, you certainly won’t get there.
An obvious statement, but we can lose sight of it.”

Esther Bleuel


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About Trust

We Can’t Always Believe What People Say, But We Will Always Believe What They Do.

About Being Powerless

All We Can Do Is All We Can Do Within Our Sphere of Influence.

About Self-Respect

It’s Our Responsibility to Be Important to Ourselves.

About Persistence

It’s Our Responsibility to Be Important to Ourselves.

About Forgiveness

Deciphering Our Childhood Is Not About Vilifying Our Parents. It’s About Understanding Why We Are the Way We Are.

About Focus

Start with the End in Mind.

About Perspective

Mistakes Are Okay. Just Be Sure to Make New Mistakes.

About Learning

We Must Learn Our Own Lessons, in Our Own Time, in Our Own Way.

About Boundaries

Let Our Yes Mean Yes and Our No Mean No.

About Wisdom

Knowing About is Not the Same as Truly Knowing.

About Attitude

It’s Not What Happens So Much. It’s How We Handle Things and What They Mean to Us That Count.

About Letting Go

We Will Never Forget a Painful Experience, But We Can Learn Not to Be Prisoners of Our Emotions.

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