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Getting Unstuck: Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong
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If you’re reading this, you or someone important to you, may be stuck, settling or stalled in some aspect of life. Maybe you are ready for help and this is the first step. To find out what’s possible and how change can happen. This booklet provides life lessons and skills that can help, if you use them.

I’m sharing lessons and skills learned from my personal journey that can work for you too. It’s important to share your experience, insights, challenges and success with someone you trust. You can read about my personal story in Getting Unstuck, The Joy of Finishing Strong and find  additional support and blogs (vLog) on this website.

– Esther

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If you read my book, you will learn about your own journey as you read about mine.

Scroll down the page and Dig Deeper to gain wisdom from your journey of getting unstuck. A companion workbook will help support and enrich your experience. Webinars, group study sessions and a Facebook Reader group provide companion resources. It’s important to walk and talk with a trusted friend or therapist because we learn best by experience (writing and talking). If you’re ready to move past obstacles, read on . . .

Don’t Just Settle

You Can Get Unstuck and Finish Strong

Do unexpected events overwhelm you? Do you shy away from conflict? Are you confused? Block out pain? Procrastinate? Do you freeze in place or repeat behaviors that don’t work? Getting Unstuck offers the perspectives, exercises, lessons, and skills you need to move your life from being stuck to getting unstuck.

Your Personal Guide

This Companion Workbook Will Help You Get Unstuck

Want some extra motivation on your journey to your best life ever? Here’s your Personal Guide, a helpful workbook to capture your thoughts and insights. This inexpensive, downloadable Personal Guide, full of questions and roomy space to write, can become your trusted companion on your adventure to a life of joy!


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Esther’s Perspective

Motivated to Become Your Best Self?

As you read and engage with Getting Unstuck, you will be on your way to writing a new ending to your life’s story. You will:

  • learn why you act and think the way you do
  • understand important life lessons
  • learn skills to create a joyful life


Praises for Getting Unstuck

Over the years, many clients have wanted Esther to further share her insights and wisdom about dealing with people and problems. Getting Unstuck, co-authored by Martha Abbey Miller, is the book Esther’s clients asked for.

Jill Lederer, CEO

“You will love getting to know Esther. I’m thrilled she’s written this book for us all.”

Jennifer Porter, Non-profit Director

“Esther is someone whose voice rings true in her advice, since all she says has merit.”

Darren A. Lee, Executive Director

“This book is invaluable for those ‘in a rut’ who are looking to effect positive change in their lives.”

Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and Author

“Your life can be fun, productive, and even happy if you apply the principles Esther offers in Getting Unstuck.”

Esther’s Perspective

You Can Get Unstuck!

Are you stuck in a self-limiting mindset? Perhaps trapped inside your traumatic history? I sure was. As you read my story in Getting Unstuck, I suspect you’ll relate to it. Co-author Martha Abbey Miller and I designed the book to make it easy for you to engage with your own story.

Each chapter contains questions for your reflection and response. If you’d rather not write in your book, or if you’re using a Kindle, the companion Getting Unstuck Workbook is available here. I encourage you to Dig Deeper into your life, your story, and your potential, through the resources on this site.

About the Authors

A Collaboration


Esther Bleuel

Esther combines wisdom and compassion to help people effectively solve sticky personal or professional problems. Her services are based on partnership, trust, and proven solutions.


Martha Abbey Miller

Martha is a career communicator with a passion for bringing out the best in others. Her first book is Hope Personified: Frances Maschal Landers.

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