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Growing up, did you miss an important life lesson? Then you likely never learned the corresponding skills to handle recurring situations. Getting Unstuck gives you the tools you need!


Essential Life Lessons

There are 12 lessons. Did you correctly learn them all?

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Do you struggle with conflict, trust, forgiveness, or focus?

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New Skills

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About Trust

We Can’t Always Believe What People Say, But We Will Always Believe What They Do.

About Being Powerless

All We Can Do Is All We Can Do Within Our Sphere of Influence.

About Self-Respect

It’s Our Responsibility to Be Important to Ourselves.

About Persistence

It’s Our Responsibility to Be Important to Ourselves.

About Forgiveness

Deciphering Our Childhood Is Not About Vilifying Our Parents. It’s About Understanding Why We Are the Way We Are.

About Focus

Start with the End in Mind.

About Perspective

Mistakes Are Okay. Just Be Sure to Make New Mistakes.

About Learning

We Must Learn Our Own Lessons, in Our Own Time, in Our Own Way.

About Boundaries

Let Our Yes Mean Yes and Our No Mean No.

About Wisdom

Knowing About is Not the Same as Truly Knowing.

About Attitude

It’s Not What Happens So Much. It’s How We Handle Things and What They Mean to Us That Count.

About Letting Go

We Will Never Forget a Painful Experience, But We Can Learn Not to Be Prisoners of Our Emotions.

New Skills

Master Your Ability to Change Thoughts and Actions

The twelve lessons above give you a good understanding of why you think and act the way you do. Since you’re on this website, you’ve already motivated to change – to become your best self.

What’s your next step? Since we can’t change unless we take action, it’s time to learn new skills!

Your copy of Getting Unstuck: Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong contains dozens of step-by-step skills. Choose one or two to practice and master. Over time, as you hone a number of valuable new skills, you’ll be amazed at the difference they make in your everyday life! You can get unstuck!

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