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Are you, or is someone you know, stymied? Faced with a sticky problem? I can help you achieve positive, enduring, often life-changing results.


Mastery Coaching

In working with me, one-on-one, you’ll gain the insight, skills, and confidence to effectively manage interpersonal tension or conflict in any situation, whether planned or unexpected. Experience the joy of successful, durable results!

Overwhelmed by Circumstances?

Let’s talk. I know I can help.

Walking on Eggshells?

If you are dealing with challenging or irrational individuals, you’ll be calmed and hopeful after our first meeting.

Fearing the Unknown?

If you are worried about damage, loss, or retaliation, trust me to sort out your situation and options, and lead you out of the morass.

Avoiding Important Conversations?

Don’t let angst or procrastination rule! Step by step, you’ll learn to have a successful tough talk.

Stymied by Unfairness?

If you are faced with injustice or are confounded by your circumstances, let my experience go to work for you.

Esther Bleuel

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Conflict resolution


Interpersonal communications

Mastery coaching, one-on-one & team


Negotiation assistance

Situational assessment

Skills training

Speaking engagements

Workshops, online & on site


Esther’s Mastery Coaching Process

Assess & Plan

Identify the core issues to mitigate or resolve. Evaluate options and anticipate consequences. Inventory skills you have and those you need to master. Finalize your plan.


Start with the end in mind. Learn to communicate, collaborate, negotiate, mediate. Understand multiple perspectives. Identify stakeholders. Clarify expectations. Develop confidence through role-play rehearsal. Master the art of preparation. Imagine positive outcomes.

Implement & Evaluate

Manage expectations. Facilitate small group outcomes and settlements. Resolve disputes. Achieve a mutually-beneficial durable outcome. Delight your internal and external customers. Monitor and refresh your skills.


Trusted by Organizations, Families, Individuals

Esther’s Perspective

You Can’t Do What You Can’t Imagine

Really stuck! Does this describe you, your team, or someone you know? Take heart and imagine this: The situation can be different. People can learn to get along. Decisions can be made collaboratively, and conflict can be resolved.

Even smart, accomplished professionals may have never mastered key lessons or critical skills for dealing with high-stakes conflict and challenging people. In my book, Getting Unstuck, I explain twelve essential life lessons and detail dozens of helpful skills. And, if you’d like a free consultation about your particular situation, I can help!


Praise for Esther Bleuel

Professor Peter Robinson, Pepperdine

Esther’s wise observations serve as a healing balm for the wounds we experience in a broken world,

Veronica Kummerfeldt, Director

Esther is a teacher at heart, a compassionate listener, and a strong advisor.

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