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With my proven coaching process, you become the master of your future. Not only will I help you resolve your current thorny situation, the skills you will learn are yours for life.

First, We

Assess & Plan

Together, we’ll assess your situation and desired outcome. We’ll discuss the “what” and the “why.” Who is impacted and what’s at stake? We’ll know we’ve chosen the best plan.


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Then, We


Guess what? 85% of success comes from preparation. You will learn and rehearse essential skills, so you are fully ready and confident to take action and address your situation successfully.


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Finally, We

Implement & Evaluate

You are looking for positive, lasting results. You’re prepared to follow your plan. Time to implement. Go for it! The skills you’ve learned and rehearsed will ensure your success.


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Mastery Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in a complicated, sticky situation that involves a lot of conflict. Help!

You’re not alone. Wherever there are people, there is conflict. Resolving disputes is my specialty, so a free consultation is a great first step toward getting your situation on the right track.

I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. Do I just settle?

No! Think about being expert at someone else’s profession or playing a difficult sport without knowing how. Without having the needed skills, we will fail. I’ll teach you to master skills you need to manage complex conflict and challenging interpersonal disputes.

I know someone who is really stuck and making a mess of life. How can I help?

You’ve already started, by asking. A good first step is to understand what motivates our thoughts, emotions and actions. I suggest getting in touch for a free consultation so I can help you clarify the situation and identify the issues. Then, I suggest you read Getting Unstuckfor perspective on life lessons and the consequences of not learning them.

I seem to make the same wrong choices over and over. What’s wrong with me?

When you read Getting Unstuck, you’ll learn about life lessons. Likely, something in your early life got in the way of you learning all of them well. Once you understand, you can change! This book provides hope and guidance for how to move forward differently.

Esther, I’m interested and motivated to work with you. What’s my next step?

Great! First, click here for a look at my services. Then contact me so we can discuss which aspect of my services intrigues you. I will be in touch with you promptly.

How are your services priced?

After you’ve shared your situation with me and we’ve talked about how I can help, I’ll provide a results-oriented proposal based on 1) an hourly fee, 2) a flat project fee, or 3) a retainer arrangement.

How Can I Help You?

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