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Esther is committed to the development of your competence, confidence and success in managing dispute, conflict situation, negotiation or challenging individual.


Esther’s years of experience in business, education and therapy bring broad and deep perspective needed to understand the core issues in any conflict situation.


Trust, credibility and respect lay the foundation for any important relationship and can only be earned over time. These characteristics are the hallmark of Esther’s work with every client.


Change requires action based on skills, wisdom, preparation and clearly defined goals. Resolving disputes requires identifying and understanding the right problem.

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Knowledge Grounded in Real-world Experience

During Esther’s fifteen years in newspaper industry management, she identified a passion for developing people and solve problems and prompted a career change.

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Esther Bleuel

Your Choice for Your Professional Venue


Workshop Leader

Topics include: Powerful Communications, What’s All the Fuss, Tough Talks That Work, Lasting Conflict Resolution, and more


Motivational Speaker

Topics include: When “Sorry” is Not Enough, Savvy Negotiation, Whom Can You Trust? What’s Emotional Intelligence? and more


Praise for Esther Bleuel

Esther has special insight into complex situations. She ‘calls it like it is’ with credibility.

Paul N. Finkel, MD

Esther’s emotional fortitude and remarkable attitude is nothing short of inspiring.

Monique Reidy, Publisher

Esther is smart in a theoretical way, but more importantly, smart in a practical way.

Dr. Ross Porter, Non-profit Founder

Esther has helped me untangle difficult past events, clarify what’s important, and shape my life to match.

Rosanne Jantzi, Coach

Esther Bleuel is a most impressive expert on the art of conflict resolution within business and personal life.

Susan Warren Warshow, LCWS

Esther’s compassion for others makes her an extraordinary coach. It is a privilege to work with her.

Aaron Boerger, Business Founder

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